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Night Court: Season 4
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October 2, 1986 - May 9, 1987
NBC-TV / United States
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Night Court: Season 4

Season 4 of Night Court began with the episode "The Next Voice You Hear...", which aired on NBC-TV on October 2, 1986; the season's finale episode, "Her Honor: Part 2", which was part of a three-episode story story arc that would spill over into the start of Season 5, aired on May 6, 1987 as a total of 22 episodes were aired in the season. \


The Emmy-Award NBC-TV winning sitcom continues its lighthearted look at the crazy cases and characters that appear in night court in mid-1980's-early 1990's New York city, where anything -- and everything -- happens. During Night Court's fourth season, Judge Harry T. Stone and his staff must comply with a federally mandated order to process a mind-boggling 200 cases before midnight or dismiss all charges against defendants. Can they do it? Also in this season, Mac Robinson (Charles Robinson) experiences what he thinks are sympathy pains when his wife Quon Le (Denice Kumagai) is pregnant; Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) uses his powers of persuasion to get invited to the District Attorney's Halloween party; and it's judicial upheaveal when Christine (Markie Post) is appointed a judge over Dan, and Harry is not reappointed at all! Marsha Warfield joins the cast as the seemingly gruff, but warm-hearted, but still no-nonsense, tough-as-nails new female bailiff Roz Russell.

Season 4 (1986-87)

Image No. in season No. in series Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Prod. code
Image Needed Bull.jpg 1 58 "The Next Voice You Hear..." Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege October 2, 1986 185931
Harry's distracted from a courtroom full of ventriloquists and their dummies by the delivery of a letter from his mother, mailed fifteen years earlier. John Astin appears as Buddy Ryan. Roz Russell (Marsha Warfield) becomes the court's new bailiff after Flo's death.
Ep 4x2 - Giving Thanks.jpg      2 59 "Giving Thanks" Jeff Melman Teresa O'Neill October 9, 1986 185935
Dan demands that Christine sleep with him after he saves her life with the Heimlich maneuver.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 3 60 "Author, Author" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig October 16, 1986 185933
Bull tries his hand at writing a children's story; however, the results are a trifle strong for the editors he submits it to.
Image Needed Bull.jpg      4 61 "Halloween II: The Return of Leon" Tim Steele Linwood Boomer October 30, 1986 185934
Harry looks forward to seeing Leon again while Dan crawls for an invitation to his boss' Halloween party.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    5 62 "Dan's Operation (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens November 6, 1986 185936
Dan refuses to admit his surgery has weakened him and he overexerts himself into a coma.
Ep 4x6 - Dan's Operation - Part 2.jpg     6 63 "Dan's Operation (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens November 13, 1986 185937
After Dan falls into a coma, his friends maintain a bedside vigil and reminisce about the good times they've had.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    7 64 "The New Judge" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer November 20, 1986 185939
Dan makes a friend out of the judge substituting until he realizes the man is trying to bribe him, and his friends talk him into wearing a wire to entrap the man.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 8 65 "Contempt of Courting" Jeff Melman Tom Straw November 27, 1986 185938
Harry returns and finds a lovely woman substituting on the bench for him, who likes him a lot and jails Christine for mouthing off about perceived mistreatment of a client.
Ep 4x9 - Earthquake -dan trapped in elevator w. Sumo wrestlers.jpg 9 66 "Earthquake" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig December 4, 1986 185940
A mild earthquake traps Dan and Roz and two wrestlers in an elevator. Meanwhile Harry has to deal with three kids who are spitting images for Dan, Christine, and Harry himself.
Princess Tatiana and Judge Stone.png 10 67 "Prince of a Guy" Tim Steele Tom Reeder December 11, 1986 185941
Harry tries to prevent the forced marriage of a Polynesian princess while her brother auctions off Christine.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    11 68 "New Year's Leave" John Larroquette Tom Straw December 18, 1986 185942
Harry deals sympathetically with an escaped felon whose only wish is to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square to celebrate his 42nd wedding anniversary.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 12 69 "Murder" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege January 8, 1987 185943
Harry has to deal with a woman who confesses to him that she killed her husband that morning, a detective who can't get used to working without his partner and a morose Dan who was rejected as a sperm bank donor.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    13 70 "Baby Talk" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder January 15, 1987 185932
Mac goes on a drunken spree in a cowboy bar after Quon Le spends them into bankruptcy and then announces her pregnancy.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 14 71 "The Modest Proposal" Jeff Melman Howard Ostroff January 29, 1987 185944
Harry scoffs when Christine announces her engagement.
Mrs.Smith in court.png 15 72 "A Day in the Life" Thomas Klein Nat Mauldin,

Teresa O'Neill, Bob Stevens

February 5, 1987 185945
Harry must judge all his cases by midnight.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 16 73 "Rabid" Jim Drake Dennis Koenig February 12, 1987 185946
The gang searches for a dog that saved Harry from a fire but has bitten Dan and may have given him rabies.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    17 74 "Christine's Friend" Jim Drake Bob Stevens February 19, 1987 185947
Harry and Dan compete to take Christine's hot friend away to a romantic weekend getaway.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 18 75 "Caught Red Handed" Howard Ritter andHarry Anderson Harry Anderson February 26, 1987 185948
Christine's new boss (Michael Gross) sexually harasses her. Meanwhile, Dan meets his match in a woman (Teresa Ganzel) who has sworn celibacy.
Image Needed Bull.jpg    19 76 "Paternity" Jim Drake Teresa O'Neill March 18, 1987 185950
After a smart-mouthed kid claims to be his son, Dan is served with a paternity suit.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 20 77 "Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson" Jim Drake Tom Reeder March 25, 1987 185949
Quon Le plans to become a US citizen before her baby is born, but she and Mac are both rushed to the hospital with pains just as Harry begins the swearing-in ceremony.Conchata Ferrell appears in this episode.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 21 78 "Her Honor (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer April 29, 1987 185951
Dan thinks he will become a new judge, but Christine is awarded the position. However, Harry discovers that his name is not on the judge reappointment list. Meanwhile the Wheelers, the hick couple from Yugoslavia, become the proprietors of the concession stand.
Image Needed Bull.jpg 22 79 "Her Honor (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Craig Porter,

Linwood Boomer

May 6, 1987 185952
Upon learning that he will not be reappointed as a judge, Harry disappears to perform an outrageous stunt. But he doesn't realize that Christine, who has taken over the night court, has gotten his job back.