Night Court: Season 6
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"Night Court" Season 6 DVD cover.
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October 26, 1988 - May 3, 1989
NBC-TV / United States
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Night Court: Season 6

Season 6 of Night Court began with the episode "Danny Got His Gun: Part 2", which was the conclusion of a three-episode story which began towards the end of the previous season, aired on NBC-TV on October 26, 1988; the season's finale episode, "Yet Another Day in the Life", aired on May 3, 1989 as a total of 22 episodes were aired in the season.


As season six begins, the question remains: Is Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) dead? After his plane crashes, he is presumed gone — how will his colleagues react? Elsewhere, Christine (Markie Post) is replaced as the Public Defender after being listed as dead by a Personnel computer glitch, and a defendant is suddenly “alive” after 20 years in a coma. Plus, a city auditor scoffs at the idea that Judge Stone (Harry Anderson) and his courtroom are a magnet for bizarre and costly happenings . . . until a clown holds them hostage — including the auditor! And in a perhaps prophetic nod to reality TV of today, the courtroom turns into a circus when Harry allows proceedings to be shown on TV.

Season 6 (1988-89)

Image Ep. No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Production code
Ep 6x1 - Danny Got His Gun (Part 2) 1 102 "Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy, Larry Strawther, & Dodie Warren October 26, 1988 186461
Dan's rescued by a group of friendly Eskimos while his friends in New York plan a memorial service. Part 2 of three episode story arc.
Image Needed Bull 2 103 "Danny Got His Gun (Part 3)" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy & Larry Strawther October 26, 1988 186462
Part 3 and conclusion of three episode story arc. See Part 2, above.
Image Needed Bull 3 104 "Fire" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood November 2, 1988 186463
A fire breaks out in the building so everyone is forced to retreat to the morgue for safety, but this doesn't stop Dan from watching the election results for his race for the state assembly.
Image Needed Bull 4 105 "Harry and the Tramp" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson November 9, 1988 186464
Harry learns in his courtroom that his date for a big social event is a porno movie star.
Image Needed Bull 5 106 "Educating Rhoda" Jeff Melman Harold Kimmel November 16, 1988 186465
Bull falls for a sweet, but inept bailiff trainee (Denny Dillon) who allows a psychotic prisoner to steal her gun, who promptly makes a date with Dan.
Image Needed Bull 6 107 "The Last Temptation of Mac" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder November 23, 1988 186466
Christine wears herself out planning a Thanksgiving feast for the courthouse regulars and Mac faces the seduction of an attractive classmate.
Image Needed Bull 7 108 "The Law Club" Tim Steele Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais November 30, 1988 186467
Dan has to choose between Christine and membership in an exclusive law club when his sponsor demands his silence about his plans to seduce her to win a bet.
Image Needed Bull 8 109 "The Night Court of the Living Dead" Tim Steele Paul J. Raley December 14, 1988 186468
An inventor runs away from court to avoid being committed to Bellevue, a man just out of a 20 year coma appears before the bench, and Christine fences with her replacement when a computer error declares her dead.
Image Needed Bull 9 110 "The Night Court Before Christmas" Tim Steele Bob Underwood December 21, 1988 186469
Buddy comes to visit Harry for the holidays and Roz is arrested for appropriating a sled full of toys and distributing them to needy children.
Image Needed Bull 10 111 "Mental Giant" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder January 11, 1989 186470
Bull scores very high on an I.Q. test and is offered a cushy job at a think-tank trying to communicate mentally with test animals.
Image Needed Bull 11 112 "Rock-a-Bye Baby" Jeff Melman Neil Thompson & Nancy Steen January 18, 1989 186473
Christine wears herself to a frazzle watching a neighbor's baby while the others monopolize her television watching a lacrosse game.
Image Needed Bull 12 113 "Clip Show (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther & Gary Murphy January 25, 1989 186471
A city auditor (Richard Sanders) tries to investigate some of the more bizarre expenses attributed to Harry's court (via flashbacks) but he's interrupted by a clown wielding a gun and threatening to shoot everyone.
Image Needed Bull 13 114 "Clip Show (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther, Gary Murphy & Tim Steele January 25, 1989 186472
See Part 1, above.
Image Needed Bull 14 115 "The Trouble is Not in Your Set" Jeff Melman Mike Imfeld February 1, 1989 186474
A woman (Marion Ross) who can't tell where her life begins and television ends interrupts the proceedings brandishing a grenade and demanding that her husband be released from prison and given a pardon.
Image Needed Bull 15 116 "The Game Show" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood February 15, 1989 186475
Bull goes on a game show to raise money for a rec center, but the gang has to hypnotize him so that he is not too nervous to go on.
Image Needed Bull 16 117 "This Old Man" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson March 1, 1989 186476
Harry and the gang refuse to take Christine and her new beau seriously: he's old enough to be her father.
Image Needed Bull 17 118 "Strange Bedfellows" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder March 8, 1989 186477
Dan finally meets his opponent for the state assembly seat on election day and sparks fly; Harry gives his cold to Mel Tormé in exchange for two concert tickets.
Image Needed Bull 18 119 "From Snoop to Nuts (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Harry Anderson March 15, 1989 186478
Harry works undercover to get the goods on a notorious mobster named Marty Cologne, and earns a contract on his life when Buddy, the former mental patient, who was once married to his mother,  spills the beans about being Harry's real father. Part 1 of 2 part episode story arc.
Image Needed Bull 19 120 "From Snoop to Nuts (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther, Harry Anderson, & Gary Murphy March 22, 1989 186479
Part 2 and conclusion of two episode story arc. Harry is placed in protective custody after inciting the wrath of Marty Cologne, as he is placed in the custody of bumbling federal agent Tim Bond; Meanwhile, Harry tries to adjust to the revelation that Buddyis his real father. 
Image Needed Bull 20 121 "Pen Pal" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood April 12, 1989 186480
Roz falls in love with Christine's prison pen pal (Dennis Haysbert), who has escaped from prison; Dan flirts with a law student.
Image Needed Bull 21 122 "Not My Type" Tim Steele James Gates April 26, 1989 186481
Christine accepts a date with Art the handyman, then regrets it; meanwhile Mac's children's story is lost in the courthouse computer.
Image Needed Bull 22 123 "Yet Another Day in the Life" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson May 3, 1989 186482
The gang tries to set another record for cases adjudicated as the building slowly floods, causing prisoners to pile up in the hallways and Dan grinds his teeth to be off by midnight to catch a flight to anywhere.
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