Night Court: Season 9
Night Court Season 9 DVD Cover
"Night Court" Season 9 DVD cover.
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September 13, 1991 - May 31, 1992
NBC-TV / United States
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Season 8
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Night Court: Season 9

Season 9, the final season of Night Court, began with the two episode story "A Guy Named Phantom", of which the first episode of that arc aired on NBC-TV on September 18, 1991; the series finale episode, "The 1992 Boat Show", aired on May 31, 1992. A total of 22 episodes were aired in the season.


The final season of Night Court leaves viewers with more laughs and a fond farewell. Bull (Richard Moll) prepares to get married; Dan (John Larroquette) decides he may — gasp — be tired of sex; Harry (Harry Anderson) ponders becoming a full-time teacher; Roz finally meets her pen pal; Mac (Charles Robinson) debates becoming an underwear model; and Christine (Markie Post) runs for Congress! It’s a final season to remember with the always funny, always endearing Night Court.

Season 9 (1991-92)

Image No. in Season No. in Series Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Prod. code
Ep 9x1 - A Guy Named Phantom (Part 1) 1 172 "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 1)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess & Stu Kreisman September 18, 1991 187231
Harry and Christine are both confused over their feelings for each other, but before they can work them out, the deranged Dan kidnaps Christine at a courthouse costume party. Part one of a two-episode story.
Nightcourtseason9-2     2 173 "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 2)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess & Stu Kreisman September 25, 1991 187232
Part two and conclusion of two-episode story. See Part 1, above.
Image Needed Bull 3 174 "My Life as a Dog Lawyer" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt October 2, 1991 187233
Harry brings the country to the brink of war by jailing a diplomat from a small but belligerent nation, and Dan returns to duty.
Image Needed Bull    4 175 "Puppy Love" Jim Drake Kevin Kelton October 9, 1991 187234
Roz stuns her co-workers when her uptown husband pays a visit to secure a divorce so he can marry again. Bull recites the Opening Speech from Days of our Lives just before the Theme Song plays.
Image Needed Bull      5 176 "Pop Goes the Question" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson October 16, 1991 187235
Wanda learns on the anniversary of their first date that Bull must perform a miracle before he can marry her.
Image Needed Bull 6 177 "Guess Who's Listening to Dinner?" Jim Drake Jim Pond & Bill Fuller October 30, 1991 187237
Dan tries to break up with the daughter of a crime boss, who insists Dan reconsider over dinner — and that he bring along Christine.

Note: This is the only episode that Harry Anderson does not appear in.

Image Needed Bull 7 178 "Looking for Mr. Shannon" Jim Drake Ben Montanio & Vince Cheung November 6, 1991 187238
Bull's bachelor party turns into a disaster when the guys are stranded at a motel with no money and no transportation, and where Bull is kidnapped.
Image Needed Bull      8 179 "Teacher's Pet" Jim Drake Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais November 13, 1991 187239
Christine is disillusioned by a law professor she once idolized and Bull undergoes an unusual ceremony to regain his virginity.
Image Needed Bull    9 180 "The System Works" Jim Drake Lee Maddux November 17, 1991 187236
Harry has his hands full when he agrees to teach a law course with an eclectic group of students and Dan hires an artist to do some very special sketches of Christine.
NC ep. 9x10 - Get Me to the Roof on Time    10 181 "Get Me to the Roof on Time" Jim Drake Jim Pond, Bill Fuller, & Rocky Danielson November 20, 1991 187240
Bull's wedding day threatens to fall apart when bride Wanda refuses to wear Mother Hank's wedding gown, Harry and Art quarrel over being best man and Christine over-organizes everything.
Image Needed Bull 11 182 "Santa on the Lam" Howard Ritter Lee Maddux December 11, 1991 187242
On Christmas Eve Dan tries to show a disillusioned Santa that the holiday spirit still exists as Harry tries to get away from a depressing lonely soul he's befriended.
Image Needed Bull 12 183 "Shave and a Haircut" Tim Steele Kevin Kelton January 8, 1992 187243
Harry goes all out to get Mel Tormé to accept a man-of-the-year award unaware that it's all a prank and Dan and Will turn into bounty hunters.
Image Needed Bull 13 184 "A New York Story" Jim Drake Fred Graver January 15, 1992 187244
Harry uncovers a city financial snafu when a defendant (Stephen Root) proves he owns several prominent landmarks and Dan enjoys being a beauty pageant judge.
Image Needed Bull 14 185 "Undressed for Success" Jim Drake Mike Imfeld January 22, 1992 187241
Mac considers doing an underwear commercial for some quick cash and Roz entrusts some personal treasures to Dan.
Image Needed Bull    15 186 "Poker? I Hardly Know Her" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt February 5, 1992 187245
Roz hosts a makeup-poker party while Harry redecorates his office and Dan dallies with a courtroom cutie.
Image Needed Bull    16 187 "Party Girl (Part 1)" Kevin Sullivan Elaine Aronson February 12, 1992 187246
A political consultant persuades Christine to run for Congress, Dan becomes a sexual surrogate, and Mac's video of Bull's wedding achieves a certain distinction. Part one of a two-episode story.
Image Needed Bull 17 188 "Party Girl (Part 2)" Jim Drake Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais February 12, 1992 187247
Part two and conclusion of two-episode story. See Part 1, above.
Image Needed Bull 18 189 "To Sir With... Ah, What the Heck... Love" Jim Drake Jim Pond & Bill Fuller February 26, 1992 187249
Dan begins kissing up to Harry as part of his campaign to replace Harry on the bench when he becomes a full time law professor and Art the handyman becomes a surrogate dad to Bull when he starts dating Bull's mama.
Image Needed Bull    19 190 "P.S. Do I Know You?" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt & Karen Heckler March 4, 1992 187250
Roz dreads meeting a male pen pal who's expecting someone just a little different from the real Roz.
Image Needed Bull 20 191 "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 1)" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson May 13, 1992 187251
Harry contemplates a variety of job offers, Dan anticipates life on easy street with a wealthy bride, Bull deals with some really out-of-town visitors, and Christine contemplates the agony of defeat. Part one of two-episode story.
Image Needed Bull    21 192 "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 2)" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt May 13, 1992 187252
Part two and conclusion of two-episode story. See Part 1, above.
Image Needed Bull    22 193 "The 1992 Boat Show" Charles Robinson Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio May 31, 1992 187248
Roz steals the show and Dan's spot with the in-crowd when a gossip columnist discovers her and Lisette tries to deal with her erotic dreams about Harry. This episode was originally scheduled for May 6, 1992 but instead aired after the series finale "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 2)".
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