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Sheila, played by Leslie Bevis
Vital statistics
Clerk, Records Dept. Manhattan Criminal Court, NYC
Sexually aggressive woman who Dan clamors to impress; they wind up having a hot date together, which he can't remember after he ate food that was drugged to try to incapacitate a man claiming to be from Saturn who was holding the courtroom hostage
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
4 in Seasons 3 and 4
Played by: Leslie Bevis

Sheila is a character who appears in four episodes Night Court, beginning with the Season 3 episode of titled "The Hostage". She later appears in the episodes "Walk Away, Renee" in Season 3, "Dan's Operation" and "A Day in the Life" in Season 4. The part of Sheila is played by Leslie Bevis.

About Sheila

Sheila, who's a new person who works in the Records department of the Manhattan courthouse, has a reputation for being, as Mas hears and tells the gang in the cafeteria, "a real tough customer", quite a "maneater", one who proverbably "chews up and spits out" her dates, as Dan clamors to try to get to know her; when he approaches her, he tries to put on an impression that he isn't just trying to get her into bed; when Sheila, who's just as sexually agressive as he is with her dates, responds that she appreciaties a man who's honest, he changes his tune as he admits that sex is what he really wanted in the first place, as she figures out his true intentions with her!

In her first appearance in the Season 3 episode "The Hostage", when a man named Albert "Al" Slotkin, (Kenneth Tigar) claiming to be from the planet Saturn pulls out a gun stolen from the evidence table which belonged to a group of subway commuters who threatened a French tourist who simply asked for change for a dollar, he then holds the enitre courtroom hostage. This proves to be most inconvenient for Dan, who has finally managed to line up a date with the ever so sultry Sheila. Things get worse for Dan when he consumes the drugged pastry intended to incapactite the self-proclaimed "Saturnian".

When Sheila drops by the courtroom to see Dan, he can't remember a thing about the night he spent with her because of the drugged pastry he ate, is lying on the floor, when she summons him, as he then crawls outside of the courtroom; Later, in the cafeteria, Mac asks him, "Oh, Yeah, how did it go last night?", Dan replies "I don't remember a thing!" as Sheila catches up with him, and says that he was magnificent, as he replies "I was??", as she then says "Aren't you being a bit modest?" One thing he does remember is the use of a "catcher's mitt"!

When he asks Sheila for another date, She responds "We'll never be able to to last night...Let's not spoil it by trying!"