Sergeant Foster
Ep 5x22 - Dan meets SGT Foster
SSG Foster, saluting U.S. Army Reservist Dan, as he prepares to give him his temporary duty orders in "Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)" at the end of Season 5 (ep.#22).
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Staff Sergeant (E-6) U.S. Army Reserve
Gives Dan, who's trying to scheme to get of his Army Reserve duty; his orders, which were changed from the Caribbean to the Artic Circle
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)" in Season 5
Played by: George Murdock

SSG Foster is a character who appears in the Season 5 ending episode "Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)" (episode #22). The part of SSGT Foster is played in the episode by George Murdock, who also appears as Lou in the Season 1 episode titled "Death Threat" (episode #6), as Hank Mire in the Season 3 episode "Halloween, Too" (episode #5), then as Detective Griffin in "Pen Pal" in Season 6 (episode #20).

About Sergeant Foster

When Dan receives word that his Army Reserve unit has called him to temporaray duty, he, in fearing that he'll be stationed in a war zone region, tries his best phenagle his way out of going on the duty assignment.

Dan then becomes pleasantly surprised,when his buxom blonde commanding officer, Major Roberta Savage reveals that his assignment would be with her on Cabo San Cabo, an island in the Caribben to set up a listening post there, as she has her sergeant, SGT Foster give him an envelope, and his orders, with his official "uniform", a peir of bikini briefs, as she tells him that the inhabitants there wear little or no clothing, as he boasts to her that he'd "wear his uniform with pride" and in a way that would make her proud of him!

When Dan, who also was wearing a truss claiming he had a back injury, his scheme gets uncovered when Phil, whom he paid to appear as his "gay lover", lets the cat out of the bag, as he slips and admits to his CO that he was trying to get out of his duty assignment, she accuses him of being a "shirker", as he's reassigned to a mission north of the Artic Circle; SGT Foster asked MAJ Savage if he could handle the sitation, saying "All I need is a grenade and a funnel!"