Subway Commuters
Night Court episode = 3x2 - Subway commuters
Ralph Manza as one of the armed subway commuters who threatened a French tourist in "The Hostage" in Season 3.
Vital statistics
All of them threaten a French tourist, who simply asked if one of them had change for a dollar, with their guns
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"The Hostage" in Season 3
Played by: Ralph Manza, as the leader of the commuters, the only actor credited

The group of armed Subway Commuters appeared in the Season 3 episode of Night Court titled "The Hostage". The leader of the group of commuters who appear before Judge Stone is played by veteran character actor Ralph Manza.

About the commuters

In the "The Hostage" episode in Season 3, the commuters, who were all armed with firearms, including the leader of the group, who, when arrested, had a are hauled into court after getting arrested for threatening a French tourist who simply asked for change for a dollar! Things really get tight when a mentally disturbed man named Albert "Al" Slotkin, (Kenneth Tigar) claiming to be from the planet Saturn, who was in court for breaking into an electronics store to get components for his "transmitter", steals a gun stolen from the evidence table which the weapons of the commuters was lying on and takes Dan and the stenographer hostage!