Professor Sydney Shoup
Professor Shoup meets author Bull
Professor Sydney Shoup lets Bull know of his displeasure over critiquing his children's book contest submission in "Author, Author" in Season 4.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Professor of Literature, Manhattan City College
Children's book contest judge who lets Bull know of his displeasure over critiquing his contest submission which frightens kids
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Author, Author" (Season 4)
Played by: Jay Gerber

Professor Sydney Shoup is a character who appears in the Season 4 episode of Night Court titled "Author, Author". The part of Sydney is played in the episode by Jay Gerber.

About Professor Shoup

Professor Shoup, who is the Professor of Literature at Manhattan City College and the person in charge of a Children's Book Contest which Bull submitted an entry to. When Professor Shoup visits Bull at the courtroom, he lets Bull know that his submission, a piece called "Puff, the Flesh Eating Dragon" not only was bad, but he also tells him that "It was the most vile, offensive, nausiatingly, horrid collection of thought I have ever seen put to paper!"

When Christine tries to defend Bull before the professor, she then picks up the literary piece and reads the title as the professor tells Harry and Christine "Needless to say, our kiddie panel of judges have been racked with nightmares...Little Stevie strangled his imaginary friend!" as he calls Bull "A menace, a disgrace...a Monster!!" as he excuses himself and leaves as he says "I have an imaginary funeral to attend!"