"The Blues of the Birth"
Season 7, Episode 24
#147 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date May 2, 1990
Production code 186354
Written by: Gary Murphy & Larry Strawther
Directed by: Tim Steele
Guest stars: Ray Arbruzzo
John Astin
Lee Arnone
Brian Banowetz
Ron Boussom
Stephen Furst
Michael Hoit
Richard Roat
Dorothy Andrews
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The Blues of the Birth was the 24th and final episode of Season 7 of Night Court, and the 147th overall episode in the series. Written by Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther, the episode, directed Tim Steele, originallly aired on NBC-TV on May 2, 1990.

"The Blues of the Birth"
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Christine goes into labor while trapped in an elevator with Buddy and a squeamish courtroom visitor (Stephen Furst).


Christine is stuck in an elevator as she goes into labor.

Did You Know?


  • At the beginning of Season 7 Markie Post discovered she was pregnant so they wrote Christine's marriage and pregnancy into the storyline so that she could continue to appear. She gave birth to her actual daughter, Daisy, on March 30th 1990, shortly after the season wrapped.
  • The title is based on the movie Birth of the Blues (1941).
  • During the series they claimed several times to be on the 18th floor. The elevator's floor indicator where Christine had her baby shows the highest floor to be 12.
  • The episode marks the final appearance of John Astin as Buddy, Harry's dad.


Factual errors

There's no need to get Christine (or any pregnant lady) to a hospital super fast when going into labor, especially if the waters didn't break.

Revealing mistakes

When the elevator repair man is looking in the elevator shaft, he is pointing his flashlight in various directions, but the flashlight is not turned on.


  • Birth of the Blues (1941 movie) - Movie title inspired the episode title
  • Psycho (1960 movie) - A reference is made to the movie.

Scene exceprts


[not knowing she's in labor, Tony proposes to Christine while she's trapped in the elevator]

  • Christine: YES!
  • Tony: Christine, that's terrific! So you'll be my wife?
  • Christine: I'M GONNA HAVE YOUR BABY!
  • Tony: Of course you are! Someday.
  • Dan: How's today sound?

[another scream of pain]

  • Tony: You mean, she's...?

[everyone nods]

  • Tony: Mine?

[everyone nods]

  • Tony: But we only, uh... got together once.
  • Entire Crowd: We know!!

  • Christine: [after her first contraction in the cafeteria] Buddy, could you help me to the elevator? I may be further along than I thought.
  • Buddy: How can you tell?

[she holds up a mangled fork]

  • Buddy: Right.

  • Woman: [the elevator is broken. To the crew] You'll have to wait. There's some pregnant woman stuck in the elevator.
  • Bull: Oh no, that means Christine had to take the stairs!
  • Dan: You *almost* know what's going on, don't you?

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