Daddy Bob & Mucette Elmore
Daddy Bob and Mucette Elmore
Dan's parents, Daddy Bob and Mucette Elmore
Vital statistics
Gender: Male & Female
Dirt Farmers in Paris, Louisiana, U.S.
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Dan's Parents" (Season 2)
Played by: John McIntire & Jeanette Nolan

Daddy Bob and Mucette Elmore, Dan Fielding's parents, appears in the Season 2 episode "Dan's Parents". The part of Daddy Bob is played in the episode by John McIntire, while Mucette is played by McIntire's real life wife Jeanette Nolan, who later appears as Mrs. Smith in the the Season 4 episode "A Day in the Life".

John McIntire as Daddy Bob Elmore

John McIntire as Daddy Bob Elmore, Dan Fielding's dad, in "Dan's Parents" in Season 2 (ep.#13)

Dan with his mom Mucette Elmore

Jeanette Nolas as Mucette

About Dan's Parents

Dan, who tries to hide the fact about his parents to Harry and the others, is given quite a shock when they show up to his surprise to visit him in New York City, as he tells Harry that he's a dirt farmer; when he asks "No crop, Harry, he farms dirt!". Dan thinks that his dad was stupid for trying to harvest from a crop for 45 years that never produced, and is embarrassed by him, as Daddy Bob admits it may have been foolish, but says that he and his wife had given him all he needed the best that they could, including pocket money when he went off to college.

Dan is embarrassed even further by Daddy Bob when he took him and his mother out to dinner to a swanky French restaurant with Harry and the others, and Daddy Bob couldn't understand all that was printed on the menu, as Dan gets him to order the sweetbreads, and he asks for some toast to go with it! He's further embarrassed by his mother when he, the gang and his parents run into Judge Tallon (John C. Becher) and his dinner compainion Marjorie, as when the judge introduces her as his companion, Daddy Bob thinks that she is his daughter, as , Mucette replies, "Why, that young thing? Why, you old devil, you!"Dan eventually, after being embarrassed initally swarms up to them and takes the two out to a cajun restaurant.

Daddy Bob says that he and Mucette always tried to tell the truth to Dan, but admits that Dan's turtle, "Scruffy", who had supposedly died when he was 2 years old, was not a turtle at all, but a potato that he had painted a face on!