"The Eye of the Beholder"
Season 1, Episode 5
#5 in series (193 episodes)
Night Court ep. 1x5 - The Eye of the Beholder
Prosector Dan presents the defendant, a porn filmmaker (Stanley Brock) and his buxom blonde "star" (Jennifer Richards), with the only real evidence a porn tape, shot in Central Park as Dan wants to "sample" the evidence in Harry's chambers in "Eye of the Beholder" in Season 1 (ep.#5).
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date February 8, 1984
Production code 185363
Written by: Reinhold Weege
Directed by: Larry Balmagia
Guest stars: Al Ruscio
Stanley Brock
Jennifer Richards
Philip Sterling
Michael Alaimo
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''The Eye of the Beholder was the fifth episode of Night Court, also the fourth overall series episode. Written by series creator and executive producer Reinhold Weege, the episode was directed by Larry Balmagia. The episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on February 8, 1984.

"The Eye of the Beholder"
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Bull feels misunderstood and quits in anger after being rejected by a big-brother child mentoring association who thinks his size and appearance is imposing and intimdating to kids... Meanwhile, a blind shoplifter awaiting trial keeps trying to give his police handler the slip.

Plot Summary

Bull, who feels cheated because of his intimidating size wants to mentor a kid and a certain foundation (one of those "big brother" types) feels that Bull was too menacing/imposing to children. The rest of the episode follows his depression which soon turns to anger ("Why won't you all just leave me alone!" "I'm not an animal! I'm a human being!") as Bull contemplates quitting, moving away from the human race, maybe to Canada to be a lumberjack (?) or the North Pole.

Anyway, Bull goes on the building's roof to mull things over scaring his peers who, at first, believe he might be contemplating jumping! Of course he answers "Are you nuts?!" when Harry asks him about the idea of jumping.

Anyway, alternating stories include an obscenity charge against a porn filmmaker, Vincent Frago (Stanley Brock) and his "star", a buxom blonde named Iris Keller (Jennifer Richards), with the only real evidence being a porn tape, shot in Central Park, which a man named Leonard Blum (Philip Sterling) claimed to have seen being filmed, as Dan wants to "sample" the evidence!

While all the other drama regarding Bull and a blind man (played effectively by Al Ruscio) who keeps getting away from a security guard, constantly interrupting the cast during their conversations about Bull is transpiring, Dan is swept away in the viewing of the "evidence"! This is fun stuff with lots of jokes regarding Bull played to the hilt, along with the obvious influx of blind gags/zingers following Ruscio's character.

The final scene as Selma warns Bull never to worry or disrespect her again is a delight (she is so diminutive next to Bull, yet points that finger into his belly with conviction, fully in control and sincere in what she's saying). This is a strong episode for Bull, tailor made comedy exploiting his size and physical presence, not to mention his gifted facial talents and the ability to play even the most absurd dialogue with perfect straightness.

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