"The Game Show"
Season 6, Episode 15
#116 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date February 15, 1989
Production code 186475
Written by: Bob Underwood
Directed by: Jeff Melman
Guest stars: Florence Stanleybr>Robert Ridgely
Tony Longo
Thomas F. Duffy
Dee Booher
Lilly Lyman
Brent Hinckley
Peter Saputo
Marty Zagon
Kathye O'Brien
Ed Levey
Schae Harrison
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The Game Show was the 15th episode of Season 6 of Night Court, also the 116th overall episode in the series. Directed by Jeff Melman and written by Bob Underwood, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on February 15, 1989. 

"The Game Show"
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Bull goes on a game show to raise money for a rec center, but the gang has to hypnotize him so that he is not too nervous to go on.


Judge Stone's away so Judge Wilbur (from My Two Dads) fills in. Bull is collecting for a kids charity. When a game show host comes into court, he offers Bull a chance to be a contestant. Bull chooses not to go because he gets nervous in front of cameras. So Dan offers to hypnotize him. And when Dan inadvertently instructs Bull to do something to Judge Wilbur, he finds himself in lock up. And implants an obscene trigger phrase to get Bull to relax.

Plot Summary

In this "crossover" episode, Florence Stanley appears as Judge Margaret W. Wilbur, a character she'd introduced on the concurrently-produced NBC sitcom My Two Dads. In her capacity as temporary replacement for Judge Harry T. Stone (Harry Anderson), Judge Wilbur immediately makes an impression by jailing Dan (John Larroquette) for contempt. All this, however, is incidental to the main plot, in which Bull (Richard Moll) hopes to raise money for a boy's home by appearing as a contestant on the popular game show "What Am I?" First, however, he must undergo hypnosis to get over his fear of being on live television.

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