"The Gypsy"
Season 2, Episode 16
#29 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date January 31, 1985
Production code 185615
Written by: Howard Ostroff
Directed by: Alan Bergmann
Guest stars: Erica Yohn
Bruce Kirby
Alan Oppenheimer
Helen Verbit
Mike Finneran
Hal Smith
Charlotte Portney
Mel Tormé
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The Gypsy was the 16th episode of Season 2 of Night Court, also the 29th overall series episode. Written by Howard Ostroff, the episode was directed by Alan Bergmann. The episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on January 31, 1985. 

"The Gypsy"
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Harry uses a little hocus-pocus to convince Bull he's cured of a gypsy curse.


A spiritual medium responds to Harry's contempt of court sentence by placing a curse on the courtroom. Harry thinks she's a phony, but Bull collapses, paralyzed, while Dan's accountant drops dead during an audit.

Plot Summary

It seems terribly funny when gypsy fortuneteller Madame Loretta (Erica Yohn), cited for ontempt of court, places a curse on everyone in the courtroom. But no one is laughing when Bull (Richard Bull) suddenly becomes paralyzed and Dan's accountant (Herb Gilpin) abruptly drops dead during a tax audit. Judge Harry (Harry Anderson) must revert to his street-entertainer days and come up with some magic of his own to lift the curse.

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