"The Night Court Before Christmas"
Season 6, Episode 9
#110 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date December 21, 1988
Production code 186469
Written by: Bob Underwood
Directed by: Tim Steele
Guest stars: John Astin
Jordan Charney
Ellen Ratner
Tony Rizzoli
Marsha Meyers
Marsha McClelland
Juliet Sorci
Harry Frazier
Dorothy Andrews
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The Night Court Before Christmas was the ninth episode of Season 6 of Night Court, also the 110th overall episode in the series. Directed by Jeff Melman written by Tom Reeder, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on December 21, 1988. 

"The Night Court Before Christmas"
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Buddy comes to visit Harry for the holidays and Roz is arrested for appropriating a sled full of toys and distributing them to needy children.


While collecting for Toys For Toddlers, Bull accidentally takes a truckload of toys belonging to a Scrooge-like factory owner, who demands that they be returned. Since Roz has already passed them out, she refuses to take them back, and Harry has no choice but to jail her.

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