The Red Ranger
The Red Ranger

Christine presents to the court, her childhood hero, The Red Ranger, as played by Robert V. Barron
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Superhero character on Saturday Matinee TV show
Actor (Geoff Prescott, who played the character in the 1950's-1970's
Gets into scuffle with representative of the studio who owns the rights to the character as he refused to stop wearing the mask in public appearances
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Who Was That Mashed Man?" (Season 5)
Played by: Robert V. Barron
The Red Ranger was a character who appeared in the Season 5 episode of Night Court titled "Who Was That Mashed Man?". The part of the Red Ranger was played in the episode by veteran character actor Robert V. Barron, who had also appeared as Ray Muntz in the Season 3 episode titled "The Wheels of Justice (Part 2)".

About The Red Ranger

The Red Ranger, whose real name is Geoff Prescott, was a Lone Ranger-type character, played by the actor in the 1950's through the 1970's. When he is brought into court for getting into a scuffle with a one Bill Oxley (Mitchell Laurance), who worked for the studio in which The Red Ranger character was produced, when Oxley tried to take off his mask, even after the studio had obtained a court order barring him from appearing as the character in public.

Turns out that The Ranger was a quite popular TV character among young buckaroos who watched his Saturday morning show, as Christine had quite a crush on him as she confessed to him that "that at the end of even show, when you kissed your horse, I used to dream it was me!", as he responds with a "Thanks, Sugar Plum!" Even District Attorney Vincent Daniels gets into the act, as he dons a Red Ranger outfit, complete with blazing guns, and the cowboy hat!

As he refuses to take off his mask, he admits that he never took of his mask in 42 years. As the studio which owns the rights to the character, he says "That New Red Ranger is a disgrace...he shoots the face... he curses, and he sleeps with women!" as he also admits "On my shows, I never slept with women! I was happy with a horse for 25 years!", as Dan responds, "That explains the mask!"

He then threatens to commit suicide by dropping a two-ton air conditioner on himself, as a ploy to garner negative publicity for the studio for revamping the character.

Judge Stone and the others manage to talk him out of killing himself as Harry asks him what would his fans, particularly the kids, would think if "The Red Ranger" committed suicide.