"The Talk Show"
Season 7, Episode 17
#140 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date February 21, 1990
Production code 186345
Written by: Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: Susan Anton
Dan Bovingloh
Doris Hess
Dave Nicolson
Greg Norberg
Jack L. Harrell
Juli Andelman
Denice Kumagai
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The Talk Show was the 17th episode of Season 7 of Night Court, and the 140th overall episode in the series. Written by Nancy Steen and Neil ompson, the episode, directed by Tim Steele, originallly aired on NBC-TV on February 21, 1990.

"The Talk Show"
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Dan finds a new niche in life as the host of a shock-TV show and Mac and Quon Le may lose out on their Graceland vacation.


Dan's girlfriend Margo (special guest star Susan Anton) convinces him to appear as a shock-host of a local TV talk show which she produces, which he invites Christine to appear on, only to anagonize, insult, and exploit her in order for the show to get high ratings, all in front of an ogling, mostly male audience, of course. Mac and Quon Le's planned vacation to Graceland encounters problems.

Did You Know?


  • Bull mentions the sci-fi/horror film Alien (1979).

Soundtrack Credits

  • Blue Suede Shoes (uncredited)

Written by Carl Perkins, Sung by Denice Kumagai

  • Heartbreak Hotel (uncredited)

Written by Mae Boren Axton and Tommy Durden Performed by Elvis Presley and Harry Anderson

Scene excerpt

  • Dan: [on his talk show, interviewing (more like antagonizing) a very pregnant Christine] How much bigger can those puppies (referring to her breasts) get?
  • Christine: It's none of your business how much bigger my puppies get!

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