The del Rubio Sisters
The Del Rubio Triplets
The del Rubio Sisters 9shown here (singing "Winter Wonderland" in the Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special) guest star in the Season 9 episode "Get Me to the Roof on time" (ep. #10).
General Actor Information
Gender: Female
Born: August 23, 1921
Birthplace Ancón, Panama Canal Zone
Died Eadie: December 16, 1996(1996-12-16) (aged 75)
Elena: March 19, 2001(2001-03-19) (aged 79)
Milly: July 21, 2011(2011-07-21) (aged 89)
Death Location Torrance, California, U.S. (Eadie)
Los Angeles, California, u.S. (Elena & Milly)
Singers / musicians
Years active: 1949-1996
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Get Me to the Roof on Time" in Season 9
Appears as: Themselves, in guest appearance
The del Rubio sisters aka The del Rubio Triplets (born Edith Bolling Boyd (Eadie Del Rubio),Elena Rolfe Boyd (Elena Del Rubio) and Mildred Stuart Boyd (Milly Del Rubio)) guest star as themselves in the Season 9 episode titled "Get Me to the Roof on Time" (episode #10) in a special guest appearance. The sisterswere an American variety/musical act who rose to fame in the 1980s due mostly to their campy style of dress and their goofy interpretations of standards and songs of the era. They earlier performed from the 1940s through the 1960s as "The Boyd Triplets" as singers in Xavier Cugat's band, in night clubs, and in at least one motion picture.


They first achieved fame in the U.S. in the 1950s, when they were popular night club performers, appearing often on television, including several Bob Hope programs on NBC.

Grammy winning songwriter Allee Willis is credited with re-discovering the Del Rubio Triplets in 1985 and presenting them at her parties where they garnered much notable attention.[1] Their biggest "hit" was an acoustic-guitar cover version of the song "Whip It" by the Punk/Techno pop/Rock band Devo.

They made various television appearances such as Married... with Children (as aunts of Peggy), Full House (called REM), The Golden Girls (called the Donatello Triplets on the show), Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, [New Monkees, Square One TV]], Ellen (performing the musical intro for Season 3, Episode 16, "Witness") and Pee-wee's Playhouse wearing bouffant hair-dos and gaudy blue eyeshadow.

They often appeared scantily clad (usually showing off their legs) despite the fact that they were in their sixties at the time. They are often remembered for their contribution of "Winter Wonderland" to the Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special that originally aired in 1988. They also briefly appeared in the motion picture Americathon, playing "America the Beautiful" behind several posing bodybuilders. They also appeared in Sliders, season 1 episode 8, "The King Is Back" as themselves, performing "Whip It". In the late 1980s they were featured in a McDonald's fast food advertisement.

Later yaers / death

The three performed until Eadie was diagnosed with cancer in 1996; she died that year at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, CA. After Eadie's death, Elena and Milly never performed again, but lived together in Los Angeles until Elena died of cancer in 2001. Milly died from respiratory failure July 21, 2011. All triplets are interred in a family plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culcer City, CA[2] next to their father.


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