Uncle Floyd
Christine with her Uncle Floyd
Richard Stahl as Uncle Floyd
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Not mentioned
A real penny-penching sort who tries to get everything free or on discount which embarasses Christine when he visits her in NYC
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Attack of the Mac Snacks" (Season 7)
Played by: Richard Stahl

Uncle Floyd Sullivan, Christine's penny penching uncle, appears in the episode "Attack of the Mac Snacks" in Season 7. The part of Floyd is played in the episode by veteran character actor Richard Stahl, who had appeared earlier in the series as Dr. Peter Green in the Season 1 episode "Santa Goes Downtown".

About Christine's Uncle

In his lone appearance in "Attack of the Mac Snacks", the ever-thrifty Floyd, who always try to find a good deal on something sold on discount prices or being given away for free, manages to annoy and embarrass Christine, who tries to get him to go back home (Floyd tells her it would cost him $100 more to change his return flight), as she calls him a "mooch"! Case in point, when Christine tells him, "I have never been aro someone who found it necessary to steal toilet paper!" Floyd then responds "Well, I didn't see any sign saying we had to use it here!"

When Christine takes him to get a bite to eat in the cafetria, Mac and Harry are trying to pitch the Mac Snacks, which Quon Le had created, to a "Mini Mart" Marv, a national Mini Mart chain owner to sample the snacks, in hopes he would sell them in his stores. Floyd, who was looking for something "a day old" at the food counter, is offered some Mac Snacks, as he then asks Harry "Why would I want to try these?!"; when he's told that they're free, he then eagerly asks, "Can I have more?"

When Marv dies of a heart attack after sampling some of the snacks, the guys, fearful that the snacks had killed Marv, they try to retrieve every bag of the snacks that they passed out; when they approach Floyd, he only offers to give the two that they gave to him back -- but for $50! Just before the guys learn that Mini Mart Marv didn't die because of tasting the snacks, the price for the snacks goes up to $100 -- each -- , to cover cost to change his return flight! Unfortunately, for Floyd all the guys could muster up is $13, plus a  $20 coupon of Roz's,  They manage to get the rest of the money from Dan, who asked to be fired from working with fellow attorney Tracy Knight, whose amorous urges he was trying to reciprocate!

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