Ursula and Inga
Ursula and Inga
The blonde buxom, Swedish stewardesses Ursula (right) and Inga (left), as played by Angela Aames and Lena Pousette
Vital statistics
Gender: Transgendered females, both formerly male
Nationality: Swedish
They both confess to Dan that they were born male, which makes him scream, and then causes him to constantly brush his teeth for 16 hours straight
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Rabid" in Season 4
Played by: Angela Aames (Ursula)
Lena Pousette (Inga)

Ursula and Inga were characters who appeared in the Season 4 episode of Night Court titled "Rabid". The part of Ursula is played by Angela Aames, who also appeared as a girlfriend of Dan's in the Season 2 episode "Married Alive, and Angela, the nudist in the Season 2 episode "Dad's First Date", and also as Debbie in the episode "Earthquake" in Season 4. The part of Inga is played by Lena Pousette, who also appeared on the series as Miss Sweden in the Season 1 episode "Welcome Back, Momma".

Ursula and Inga 2

The two confessing to Dan of their former gender.

About Ursula and Inga

When Dan gets bit by Coco, a stray dog which alerted Harry to a fire in his apartment building that he was looking after while Harry, who was staying with him while his apartment is being renovated, The two, Ursula and Inga, lovely blonde, buxom Swedish stewardesses, dropped by for a litte "party" date they had with him.

When Dan breaks the news that he couldn't keep their little date because he made the confeesion suspected that he had rabies, the two also make a little "confession" of their own: they used to be "men!", which causes him to scream "Aaarrrgghh!!"