Wilbur Posten
Elisha Cook as Wilbur Posten
Dan with horse drawn carriage driver Wilbur, played by Elisha Cook, Jr.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Horse-drawn carriage driver
Brought into court after an incident where his horse drawn carriage gets hit by a limo driver for a wealthy heiressCentral Park, after which he then lashes at him with a whip
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Married Alive" (Season 2)
Played by: Elisha Cook, Jr.

Wilbur Posten was a character who appeared in the Season 2 episode of Night Court titled "Married Alive". The part of Mervyn is played in the episode by Elisha Cook, Jr..

About Wilbur and his carriage

In the "Married Alive" episode, Mervyn Jenkins, whose the limuosene driver for wealthy heiress Patty Douglas (Mimi Kennedy), gets into an accident where he ran into a horse and carriage driven by a Wilbur while driving through Central Park, killing the horse, which led Posten to try to assault Biff with a whip!

When all the parties appear in court before Judge Stone, Wilbur, when asked by Harry of the age of the horse, which he called "Buttermilk", stomps is right foot three times, to calculate his age as he then estimates "If Buttercup was still alive, he'd be 24 years old!"

When Harry asks him why he didn't elect to retire the horse, he says that Buttermilk was'nt a horse who heard of the word retire. But, when Patty offers to repay Wilbur for the loss of his "workhorse" by giving him of one of her family's prize gelding Thuroughbred horses on her father's estate, all parties are happy, as the case against Wilbur is dropped, and his dispute with her driver Mervyn is settled!