"With a Little Help from My Friends"
Season 8, Episode 20
#167 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date March 13, 1991
Production code 186950
Written by: Nancylee Myatt
Directed by: Kevin Charles Sullivan
Guest stars: S. Marc Jordan
Joleen Lutz
Bruce Jarchow
Marty Pollio
Jacalyn O'Shaughnessy
Kamella Tate
Delia Sheppard
Dorothy Andrews
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With a Little Help from My Friends was the 20th episode of Season 8 of Night Court, the 167th overall episode in the series. Written by Nancylee Myatt, the episode, directed by Kevin Charles Sullivan, originally aired on NBC-TV on March 13, 1991.

"With a Little Help from My Friends"
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When Christine has Roz join her happy therapy group, the group has a major backslide..


Roz tries Christine's "happy therapy" and sets the group back several months and Jack's son finally admits to himself and his dad that running the newsstand isn't for him.

Did You Know?


The title came from The Beatles hit song "With a Little Help from My Friends".


  • As the World Turns (TV soap opera series) -

"But tune in tomorrow for our next steamy episode of 'As the Gavel Pounds.'"

Scene excerpts


[after becoming trustee of The Phil Foundation, Dan is bombarded with letters and telegrams asking for donations]

  • Dan: You wouldn't believe how many needy people there are in the world. Did you realize that all those people huddled in blankets on the streets are actually homeless?
  • Roz: [a little shocked] Well, of course we did, Dan! What did you think they were?
  • Dan: I thought they were Indians!

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